Small house Lidka

Small house for a rodent Lidka – Product code 121xxy1

Lidka is a three level luxury house for a rodent, a rectangular base with chamfered front wall.
Made of laminated wood.

External wall and roof is made of Plexiglas.
On request, we can use instead of organic glass, galvanized welded mesh.
Basic dimensions: length 70 cm width 35 cm height 50 cm.
It has the basic equipment such as shelves and ladders.
The floor is a drawer made of OSB. The roof of a house on the hinges.
Produced up to 3 working days.
Finish – grinding.
House is impregnated.
The product can be produced in any size.

External Dimmensions : (cm)

Length Height Depth Area cm2 Product code
75 55 40 5500 12101y1
85 55 40 6500 12102y1
95 55 45 8500 12103y1

Available colours with codes

Color Product code
Raw solid wood 121xx11
Teak 121xx21
Pinia 121xx31
Nut 121xx41
Palisander 121xx51
Cherry 121xx61
Transparent 121xx71

House approved by PCBA Polish Cavy Breeders Association