Small house for a rabbit Zygfryd

Small house for a rabbit Zygfryd – Product code 1190xy1

Small house for a rabbit Zygfryd is a cage designed for one or two rabbits.

Includes a removable front panel – mesh / Plexiglas.

The walls are made of 9 mm OSB board.

Roof covered with tar paper.

The floor is a tray lined with aluminum foil.

The roof of the house can be removed.

Cage can be manufactured in 3 working days.

The product can be produced in any size.

Finishing – grinding.

House is impregnated.

External Dimmensions : (cm)

Length Height Width Product code
80 44 45 11901y1
100 44 45 11902y1
120 44 50 11903y1
one floor     11921y1
two floors     11931y1


Color Product code
Raw solid wood 119xx11
Teak 119xx21
Pinia 119xx31
Nut 119xx41
Palisander 119xx51
Cherry 119xx61
Transparent 119xx71